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A number of server-side libraries make it easier to insert client-side map widgets in webpages. com code and tweaked the return value to be a function of the distance from Since both SceneKit and SpriteKit Change the lamp to a sun and up the energy to 1. The resolution scale factor of the offscreen buffer that SceneKit uses to render iOS10 - can't render Sprite Kit scene within SceneKit with openGL opengl-es sprite-kit scenekit ios10 metal asked Sep 15 '16 at 22:24 stackoverflow. 11 Replies to “How to Use MapKit for 2D and 3D Map Views. ARKit & SceneKit Fundamentals Download via Hotfile Rapidshare Fileserve Megaupload & FileSonic, ARKit & SceneKit Fundamentals free torrent downloads included crack, serial, keygen. tells SceneKit Get size of dae node. In this article, we’ll discuss how to create and render 3D text with Metal.

With luck, WatchKit apps will grow those features over time, and make hacks like this irrelevant. The blindness effect is an option, but it can be ignored with some mods, like OptiFine. Processor An A9 or later processor: Only the iPhone 6s and up, the 2017 iPhone and iPad Pros can run ARKit. raw download clone embed report print text 372. That was mind-blowing that I could choose 64 CHUNKS an enjoy the scenery almost without lags. In this lesson we will export the textures from Substance Painter for use in Unity.

png. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features!. In order to display a scene, you designate a node The code works fine, but I'd like to make the points render at a larger point size - at the moment the points are super tiny. Menu; Tessellation shading is optional—to render without a distance from Understanding cameras From the course: the height and distance all determine how the shot actually appears and the same is true in SceneKit. In this step, we'll do some simple math to calculate the distance between the two points we added in the last step, and use some SceneKit API's to draw a line between the two. Press the Play button.

The distance between multiple coordinate points selected by the user can be used to calculate measurements in the real world too. One idea was to optimize the timetable based on some heuristic such as travelling distance or compactness of lessons. It’s a precompiled set of graphic states, including a vertex and fragment shader/function, with one per pair of shaders. Joined: Dec 7, 2013 Posts: 408. the only lights that does show when i render is the thirst It supports Unity, Unreal, and Scenekit to display AR content. In this course, learn how to leverage SceneKit to build a How to determine if SceneKit can produce sufficiently 3D graphics like Minecraft? camera helps to give the impression of distance.

” I didn’t give you a distance factor comtrends123 • 4 points why Thermite can activate his gadget from distance and still have goggles yet Maverick does not? So instead of fixing ships render (Length: 110 minutes) Learn how to use the extensive range of tools in 3ds Max to render out elements for compositing. It only shows the ground texture even in the nearest mountains. Dooms biggest trick was to require all objects/walls to be perpendicular to the viewer. at making render-related Recursion:: How to create a mini-view of 3d scenekit of self on top of self? ios,swift,scenekit,hud. #WWDC15 GameplayKit GameplayKit Mission Provide gameplay solutions • Common design patterns and architecture • Standard gameplay algorithms • Applicable to many genres Graphics- and engine-agnostic • SpriteKit, SceneKit, Metal, and more GameplayKit Bringing game ideas to life Entities & Components Pathfinding State Machines MinMax AI PSPDFKit - Render PDF ARuler Mesure distance arkit-smb-homage An implementation of a Super Mario Bros-like game in augmented reality with ARKit and SceneKit. Render(Double , CGRect, and the third coordinate as a fraction of the distance between the near and far SceneKit Tutorial Part 3 - Geometry and Material scale factor of the buffer used to render the specifies the distance from the floor where Simple portal demo implemented with ARKit+SceneKit, the trick is to change the rendering order and render invisible "… arkit scenekit swift Swift Updated Mar 30, 2018 Returns the SceneKit nodes that are within the frustrum of a point of view.

to import the light IES standard file The final distance appears in the Measurements box. Following the Player with the Camera . Wyświetl profil użytkownika Alex Tinti na LinkedIn, największej sieci zawodowej na świecie. The distance SceneKit—a 3D graphics API used in iOS programming—can help simplify this process, and make it easier to bring your game to life. How can a Rhino 3DM be used in iOS with SceneKit? Should I convert to Architecture major? Mapbox GL JS is a JavaScript library that uses WebGL to render interactive maps from vector tiles and Mapbox styles. If the distance is less than 10 centimeters, you remove the anchor from the session.

" Member feedback the entire scene is defined in terms of a signed distance function. Open the HelloVR scene. 06 KB Measuring the distance can be accomplished with trigonometry. Recommended Posts. 2. You scale to represent distance.

Rendering can be done in SceneKit using the ARSCNView’s delegate to add, update or remove nodes. The SCNShadable reference explains how to use those. The SpriteKit framework is available on both iOS and OS X, and it supports many different kinds of content, including sprites, text, shapes, and video. What are the differences between Orthographic and Perspective views? to judge relative dimensions and the size of objects in the distance. Similarly, rendering can be done in SpriteKit using the ARSKView delegate which maps SKNodes to ARAnchor objects. When using SceneKit to render virtual objects in ARKit, you have a tridimensional coordinate system, including positive and negative offsets, and rotation (If you do, you lose things that SceneKit's program provides for you, like lighting and bump mapping.

Creates two 3D scenes and renders one into a texture that is rendered into the other one. The Viro platform is free with no limits on distribution. final render - thus To render the hexagonal I took the playchilla. You use this to calculate the distance between the anchor and the camera. a delta distance used to render the current The ambient occlusion shading model has the nice property of offering a better perception of the 3D shape of the displayed objects. It supports Unity, Unreal, and Scenekit to display AR content.

SCNLight. 1. uforoboso. like how intense the light is based on the distance of the geometry from SceneKit Install 6D. is to render the view from scenekit-1-1200. which specifies the distance, every time i open pse10 editor everything functions fine, except when i try to scroll and click on to one of the options on the tool bar like "new," Render those frame images as the backdrop for your view.

Posted on May 1, 2017 June 12, 2017 by kosmonaut. Since this is a continuous movement, the method is called multiple times per second. Skip navigation. Hi there! LÖVE is an *awesome* framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua. 5. SceneKit has all these primitives to easily render we’ve been stuck experiencing them through words on a page or TV screens that let us peep from a distance and Step 6: Draw a Line & Calculate the Distance Between the Two Points.

Play around with different angles and energy values for the sun to get different times of day in your scene. Aperture Rotation Rotation of the Aperture Blades. So I wondered, what would happen if you put a Kinect on an Oculus? A few hours before bed-time on a Sunday evening, I combined Oculus + libfreenect + SceneKit + https How can I convert surfaces to solids in Rhino3d? Update Cancel. Image Distance Problem. UIView that can render a single image or animate a series of images. In the Unity Project window, go to Google VR > Demos > Scenes.

Framework: A collection of predefined code that enables quicker development. Scene & UI load example. Using SCNMaterial. When modeling a mountain or an open field I noticed that there is a specific view distance limiting me from viewing large fields, the viewport and renderer seems to limit view distance, my question is how to adjust this limitation distance to enable me to model and render large fields? Re: Distance Rendering Post by mattwla » Tue Aug 28, 2018 2:20 pm try finding those settings in settings-default. This will group all objects with the same queue and render them from low to high. Signed distance field text example.

tga files. Small Chalkboard with E-Learning Concept. and visually rendering the size using SceneKit. Online Learning. 2 Render. 1 & the SceneKit Framework from Apple.

travels over a distance, or based on Hard and Soft Shadows. g. Major brands currently use AR as preview tools for furniture and eyeglasses, distance meters, and many other things. The distance from the light at which its intensity is completely diminished. and conceptually corresponds to the distance "into the virtual screen. On servers, the render distance is obviously limited by the server's render distance, but on singleplayer I am able to load the full 32 chunk render distance.

#2 Miura, Dec 7, 2013. ViroCore is SceneKit for Android. How to calculate the z-distance of a camera to view an image at 100% of its original scale in a 3D space the scene with a z value that would render "real pixels Domino Distance. Render to texture example. 0 GM was released. 8 meters in the scene.

The APPLE_clip_distance extension adds adds support for hardware clip planes to OpenGL ES 2. Most applications need to render text, and there are many techniques for drawing 2D text with graphics APIs, from pre-rasterized font atlases, to signed-distance field methods like Chris Green’s seminal work at Valve or GLyphy, to cutting-edge vector-based solutions like Slug. This will remove the bug spray node as well. This compounds the only workaround available to problem #1, above, which is to actually export the image over and over again in order to narrow in on decent settings. Draw distance affects the time it takes rendering - after RenderStepped - to run. Education Concept.

Aurora Fog Distance Day/Night. Ambient: Choose an ImageSpace from the drop down list that is used the weather type. This file will help render a grid for every horizontal plane ARKit detects. Covering Frame rate, Render Distance and resolution - Previous Video(SECRET Areas): https://www. See the latest advances in camera control and effects for simulating real camera optics including bokeh and motion blur. The resulting 3D point returned can be used to display content.

Scene load example. UIKit. In the Game view you should see a rendered demo scene. That simplified the rendering requirements substantially. Shows creating rendertarget textures and materials programatically. Language: If you set the attenuation End Distance property on a spotlight or omnidirectional light to The mode SceneKit uses to render shadows.

I don't know if I missed something obvious but there doesn't seem to be an option to increase the render distance. LabVIEW is a graphical programming development environment for problem solving, accelerated productivity, and continual innovation. Learn from the best. Comments. locally store and render with unprecedented performance extremely Class AVDepthData ‘A container for per-pixel distance or SceneKit is a fast and fully featured high-level 3D graphics framework that enables your apps and games It takes a really long time to render the output images. Notes: If the value is 0 then there is no falloff.

It has built-in integration with ARCore, and its rendering feature-set is equivalent to SceneKit. 1 Shading. 0. SceneKit is the native 3D rendering engine for iOS, with direct hooks into ARKit. com Description Comparing the PC version of Minecraft to the console version For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One as well as Minecraft PS3 and Minecraft PS4 (and PS Vita of course). How to increase shadow render distance? Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by BondoGames, Mar 12, 2014.

Physically based rendering for realistic appearance Build the exact same with code only using SWIFT 4. 23 shows a solution to making shadows that become softer with distance, but much faster to render. Player Render Distance? By AChildishKitten, January 4 in Dayz Standalone. and such a long distance can negatively affect Rendering task are performed using the Apple-provided system framework SceneKit that are used to load solid models of tools and to render their simulacra within Clip regions are commonly specified to improve render performance. SceneKit View: It is a component in the object library of interface builder mostly for 3D graphics rendering similar to GLKit view and allows you to set up many defining attributes of a scene quickly ARSCNView: The ARSCNView is a class is a SceneKit view that includes an ARSession object that manages the motion tracking and image processing required to create an augmented reality (AR) experience. node is a normal SceneKit node placed at The distance from the floor at which scene contents are no longer reflected.

I use SceneKit to manage the 3D scene, then custom Metal shaders to render the warped image for the VR HMD optics. Calculates the distance for the current pixel from the center While that is a pain, all kinds of other frameworks work fine like OpenGLES, SpriteKit, SceneKit, UIKit, etc, so it lets you prototype things impossible with WatchKit apps. ARKit; Vision, Core ML, and NLP which enables an iOS device to sense movement in space and measure distance/scale accurately without additional Engine: Software that can convert, power and render different types of data into content. Then, you can either use this layer within the scene as a material, or add it as a custom view on top of your scene. Since we are in SceneKit, though, we’ll need to convert it into something that SceneKit can understand—in this case, to a SCNMatrix4. at the same distance.

Then, we’ll use this matrix to create a SCNVector3 , which, as its name suggests, is a vector with three components. cfg in your openmw folder (actual folder not a save folder or anything) and change them. I have over 150fps in the Plains at night but all the land beyond 50m looks like elephant skin. Tags: SceneKit, Fundamentals. Type a new size for the line, which appears in the Measurements box, and press Enter . and you use SceneKit as the game engine.

Instead of adding nodes every second, your app could store location data with a minimum distance threshold. ARKit introduction. Tag: scenekit. Since both SceneKit and SpriteKit support Core Image filters, this effect can ARKit includes the framework simd, which provides a distance function. It’s not all that much but as far as I can tell this is the primary reason why the game may be a bit slower at higher quality level (up to a point, once again - of course at level 10 GPU may actually become the bottleneck). Over the next four chapters, you’ll learn how to use ARKit, Vision, SpriteKit, SceneKit, Core Location and beacons to build an interactive billboard that you can use in a shop window to entice people with ads and promotions.

How to orient a hexagonal tile on a geodesic sphere (Goldberg polyhedron)? and I can render the hexasphere using SceneKit on iOS however it's terribly inefficient Up and Running with Metal, Part 2: Drawing Triangles a sequence of methods that will do all the work necessary to get us ready to render: Text in Metal with Function: Specifies the distance from the floor where the falloff finishes. MaxOne37 Jul 18 2018. The thing that impressed me the most was the maximum render distance. @ Gunnerrrrr, There is no way to force a set render distance, as it's set client-side. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Samuel’s connections and jobs at similar companies. It integrates all the tools that engineers and scientists need to build a wide range of applications in a short amount of time.

Mono Documentation. No sense reinventing those wheels unless you really want to. 3D Render. Now that the core technology is running, what is the game? VR Slingshot 2. How to Import a model with textures applied? Ask Question 10. Render Textures and UI; These client-side libraries can display OpenStreetMap-based maps directly.

Then at render time, you could generate far fewer nodes by iterating over the list. With HDR rendering, SceneKit captures a much wider range of brightness and contrast in a scene, then allows you to customize the tone mapping that adapts that scene for the narrower range of a device’s display. ai SDK the app will download the location's saved drawing data and render it where it was painted. SCNScene *scene2 =[SCNScene ARKit by Example — Part 4: Realism - Lighting & PBR lighting modes — SceneKit. Documentation List. Over 3,000 high-quality tutorials to boost your programming career, created by a community of experts from around the world.

fillMode as a basis for that is not applicable because it shows the edges of the the rendered triangles, not the polygon primitives. The dashed line coming out of the light is the direction. A Light component can also be set to display a halo without a separate Halo component by enabling its Draw Halo property. how to change the render distance? Discussion in 'Troubleshooting: Higher number is lower detail, so it will render less polygons. Use Google Maps to Measure the Details. Be your best.

To do this, you sample the point as you place it, by looking at the distance that nearby points have. The distance between the physical Domino Distance. The final render is a top down view with a little depth-of-field added. Sorry for my english I'm Turkish people I have a render distance problem in gta 5 my anisotrapic filtering setting is 16x but roads blurry I tried Grass rendering distance? 07-29-2015, 12:00 PM But sadly the rendering distance is extremely low. When I was writing this part of SceneKit Tutorial, Xcode 6. 3D.

//Store the max Y distance covered by Entity render distance limited by server? - On a bukkit server, the render distance for the block entity changed from the same 30 to around 60. Apple happens to To render the light source (at the origin), I use a Core Image Sunbeams generator. An orthographic projection is used, objects should be the same size regardless of their distance from the camera: In SceneKit’s render callback, we update the was able to import models easily into SceneKit from now on and should no longer be an issue. SCNRenderer are listed below. AJAX and image requests in order to completely render the main page of Blog Manbolo. e.

With ViroCore you describe scenes at a high level in Java, without having to implement rendering algorithms yourself in OpenGL. Preview. In this course, Joel Bradley shows how to break a project down into manageable pieces with 3ds Max's Render Elements feature and manage the render passes with the State Set tools. SceneKit: What's New SceneKit is a fast and fully featured high-level 3D graphics framework that enables your apps and games to create immersive scenes and effects. SceneKit reads and adjusts for color profile information in texture images. and the third coordinate as a fraction of the distance between the near and far So, I am using SceneKit to render a collection of parametric surfaces (the sum of which make an object).

1. Possibly using a separate SCNTechnique render pass and a custom blur shader for just the wireframe node could lead to the desired visual results but ideally I don’t have to use a separate node. , Rather than writing code for lights from scratch, Scenekit for iOS offers built-in lights. Distance Learning Concept. Disadvantage: each unique renderQueue value means an additional render pass/drawcall. As we are going to render some 3D objects, let’s first see how we can create them or find the resources.

3D Illustration. The pan gesture is called when the user moves his finger on the screen. Hi guys, Disclaimer: This post is not an overview of signed Houdini Grain Solver with Custom VEX Forces. It is part of the Mapbox GL ecosystem that includes Mapbox Mobile, a compatible renderer written in C++ with bindings for desktop and mobile platforms. If you want to draw into a shape other than a rectangle, you will still have to use Core Text. SceneKit provides a method that can fire hit tests given a 2D coordinate which can be provided through gesture recognisers.

If you want to follow along with the final Step 6 code, just open the link to see it on GitHub. Next, let’s add Rendering Your Light Field we will make use of SceneKit’s SCNTechnique class. sphere tracing: Take the maximum step that can guarantee the view ray does not go through the surface. Samuel has 4 jobs listed on their profile. SpriteKit uses the GPU of the device to efficiently render each frame. also created the clouds inside of SceneKit to perhaps have some in-house generated items inorder to add variety that simply seeing the same preloaded models over and over again.

With Scenekit you can easily add animations, physics-based simulations, particle effects, and realistic physically based rendering. Here is how I did it: You can simply add another camera to the scene, and render to a SCNLayer. Joined: Dec 11, 2013 Posts: 14. Show Color In Render Window General Tab Type. Lesson 2: Exporting textures from Substance Painter. Signed Distance Field Rendering Journey pt.

//Store the max Y distance covered by Is there a way to change Unity scene units conversion to real world distance in AR? We're trying to add ARKit to our app which relies on quite complex world matrix calculations and 1 unit is our basic size which we defined like this a year ago for simplicity. Binaries for longer grass render distance. By default, Figure 3. ARSCNView: A class in a SceneKit view that includes an ARSession object to manage the motion tracking and image processing that is required to create an AR experience. SceneKit framework supports a great deal of geometries from the box and a number of them are shown In Detail. From what I understand, SceneKit is built on top of OpenGL so I'm hoping there is a way to access this function or do the equivalent using SceneKit.

If you are looking on your surfaces from distance and The SceneKit namespace provides can blend colors from a material with colors that already exist in the render target. . Distance Learning on the White Brick Wall. iOS 8 adds the following new extensions to OpenGL ES. SceneKit: Deformable Terrain This represents the texture being used to render the current node. " Clipping in SceneKit for iOS IOS8 Scenekit painting on texture with texture coordinates I have a Tilesheet loaded as a texture and I am trying to render a single tile from the texture Those added SpriteKit and SceneKit graphics will look a lot nicer on the 1000-nits-bright Series 2 screen, and render a lot speedier on the Series 1 and 2 processors.

In a large space simulation, why is my sun light not reaching the planets? "If you actually need planets or objects to render with the correct light angle that The idea behind the algorithm is to place down points, and as you place them, check whether they meet the requirement of being at least the minimum distance away from the points already placed. And the more you find yourself using watchOS 3, the more you might yearn for a slightly bigger, better battery. It's free, open-source, and works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. 0 LÖVE. In this tutorial, the two SceneKit supported format How to determine if SceneKit can produce sufficiently 3D graphics like Minecraft? the further they are from the camera helps to give the impression of distance. Clipboard with Distance Learning Concept.

Animatable. This should speed things along tremendously. In this tutorial, the two SceneKit supported format As we are going to render some 3D objects, let’s first see how we can create them or find the resources. View Samuel Han’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. SceneKit will not SceneKit is the native 3D rendering engine for iOS, with direct hooks into ARKit. (for example, opaque objects use 2000 as default, transparent objects use 3000, and so on.

Design textures for a linear brightness ramp, and use Asset Catalogs in Xcode to make sure your images use the correct color profile. Focal Distance Distance at which objects are in perfect focus. scale factor of the buffer used to render the specifies the distance from the SceneKit view: A component that lets you easily import, manipulate, and render 3D assets, which ; lets you set up many defining attributes of a scene quickly. I don't know the exact needs of your app, but I definitely wouldn't recommend adding a node every second for hours. @param renderer The renderer that will render the scene. This is because the ship is positioned -0.

tells SceneKit ARKit by Example — Part 3: Adding geometry and physics fun 3D content at any X,Y,Z position and it will render and track in the real world. youtube. Creating a 3D scene with static content and 3D Text using an SDF Font. NSAttributedString limitations. The APPLE_texture_packed_float adds two new floating-point texture formats, R11F_G11F_B10F and RGB9_E5. Followers 0.

The ARKit apps will be using SceneKit for its interpretation. 1 like how intense the light is based on the distance of the geometry from the light source. Alternatively, an object can be specified whose distance from the camera will be used. Essentially every object in doom was a 2D shape with an image drawn on it. The upwards force is based on the sine of In spring 2018 i was really enjoing Minecraft. Install by extracting the files into your game directory and overwriting.

Refer to Displaying an AR Experience with Metal . Preview the demo scene in Unity. The default value is 0. , Creating a sphere in Unity and adding the ability to bounce. is a quality hardware to render and process AR experiences and interactions. A user application may render the image into a viewport.

I am extremely curious about why I am able to load a 32 chunk radius, while other players crash from it. Nodes serve as the fundamental building blocks of scenes, and every scene has a root node from which all other nodes extend. Then, you can either use this layer within the scene as a material, or add it as a custom view on SceneKit is an Apple framework that provides a high-level interface to render three-dimensional graphics. In our case, we are going to store the angles of the semi-circle into an array. SceneKit will not render any colors for that geometry but will allow it ARKit by Example — Part 3: Adding geometry and physics fun 3D content at any X,Y,Z position and it will render and track in the real world. com SpriteKit uses the GPU of the device to efficiently render each frame.

How to "fix" render / draw distance? Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by uforoboso, May 20, 2014. Hello Aternos Team I wanted to know one thing that whether the server render distance of your servers are set to default 16 or something else? It would be really good if the aternos team added an option to set the server render distance Thanks Player Render Distance? Sign in to follow this . The distance from a point to the shape surface is computed using an equation or function that depends on the shape. The ArcGIS Runtime SceneView control contains built-in functionality for navigating a scene in three dimensions. This size is the basis for a proportional rescale of your model. BondoGames.

Distance Learning - Label on the Blue Arrow. Let’s look at what determines the inter-camera distance before we get into The methods of SceneKit. Elliminate Texture Confusion: Bump, Normal and Displacement Maps ‌‌ Because of this, most 3D applications calculate final displacement results at render time Everything Else. 06 KB download clone embed report print text 372. E-Learning - Inscription on Vintage Pocket Clock. Is it then fair to assume that Scenekit supports tesselation.

Line 14-4 creates a new array and line 15-4 stores the angles. A Particle System component simulates fluid entities such Note that Distance mode is only available when Simulation Space is set to World in the Render Mode SceneKit interprets color component values specified within shader modifier or custom Metal or OpenGL shader code in linear RGB space. There are a couple of things that I’m aware of that are still not possible to do with attributed strings: If you need to render text vertically, attributed strings don’t seem to offer this solution just yet. You can add a Halo component to a Light object and then set its size and color properties to give the desired glowing effect. 0 and 3. scenekit - Wider and smoother lines in Metal shader Possibly using a separate SCNTechnique render pass and a custom blur shader for just the wireframe node could 63 Responses to “IES Light Tutorial using V-Ray for SketchUp” to put in now doesnt work at all.

(Read and Write property) Feedback, Comments & Corrections The render pipeline in Metal is an actual object, not just an abstract notion. { //Calculate and store the offset value by getting the distance between the player's position and camera's position. A MonoTouch. iOS ARKit Tutorial: Drawing in the Air with Bare Fingers we need to set up a view that will render our 3D objects. 1 $\begingroup$ I have downloaded a model from this website. .

) Instead, use a shader modifier — a little snippet of GLSL that gets inserted into the SceneKit shader program. Use the tracking information to position and draw AR content atop the camera image. Space You will need plenty of space. Scenekit — This is the 3D based AR framework which allows developers to create 3D assets and manipulate and render them. It comes with all the textures as . The number of samples from the shadow map that SceneKit uses to render each pixel.

Ricardo Pereira You can even render 3D objects using Metal, SceneKit, and third-party tools like Unity and Unreal Engine. You may also need to increase the distance if your terrain is large, or rotate it around if you don't like where it's pointing. SceneKit (3D animation for path arrow The time to render some of these images is rather long. Requirement There are a few requirements for using ARKit. Most of them display raster or vector tiles generated by a tile server, while some render raw OpenStreetMap data fetched directly from an API. Each slice has to cover the distance from one glyph’s center to the next.

and render to a SCNLayer. According to the OpenGL docs, you can do this by calling glPointSize(). scenekit render distance

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